Bell, lunch, and specials schedule

Student drop-off and pick-up 
Students will enter the building at three locations.  The doors open at 8:00 ,students will pick up a breakfast sack and go to their classroom.
  1. Kinder will meet the kinder teachers at the kinder playground and enter with their teacher.
  2. Kiss-and-go will be on the north side of the building (same location as before).  Parents  registered for Kiss-and-go will receive a number that will be used at  afternoon pick-up.
  3. All other students grades 1-5 will enter the building through the front entrance.
No entrance from the playground at this time.
Afternoon dismissal
Students will exit the building at these locations:
  1. Kinder doors/playground
  2. Kiss-and-go door – a grade level teacher will escort students to Kiss n Go area. Parents please place your number tag so it is visible to the Castro staff. 
  3. Students being picked up by daycare vans will dismiss at the front entrance.
  4. All other students will be dismissed from the playground. 

Student Hours

Monday 8:00 am – 2:10 pm
Tuesday- Friday 8:00 am – 3:10 pm

First morning bell – 8:00

Tardy bell – 8:15


Specials times-

Monday early release day                            Tuesday- Friday

8:50 am-9:20 am- 3rd Grade                        8:50am-9:30am- 3rd Grade

9:30 am-10 am- 5th Grade                             9:35am-10:15am- 5th Grade

10:10 am-11:10 am- 4th Grade                      10:20am-11am- 4th Grade

12:50 pm-1:20 pm – KDG                               1 pm-1:40 pm- KDG

1:40 pm-2:10 pm- 1st Grade                          1:45 pm-2:25 pm- 2nd Grade / 2:30 pm- 3:10pm- 1st Grade


Students lunch schedule-

K-  lunch 11-11:20   recess 11:20-11:45

1-  recess  11:20- 11:45  lunch 11:45-12:05

2- lunch 11:25- 11:45  recess 11:45-12:10

3- recess 11:40-12:05   lunch 12:05 – 12:25

4-  recess 12:05- 12:30   lunch 12:30- 12;50

5- recess 12:25-12:50  lunch 12:50- 1:10