Resources for Parents


Castro parents and caregivers!  We want to support you! Everyone can use a little extra help in these stressful and unknown times.  At Castro, we have a school psychologist, social worker, and counselors available to families. Families can discuss and take away some tools for how to navigate the unique challenges for this school year.  Examples of what will be discussed include:

  • Transition: What to expect that you might not be expecting
  • Routing: Helping kids and families re-adjusting to routines and healthy habits
  • Unusual Behavior: Understanding why your kids may be acting different right now, and how to handle it
  • Dealing with the Anxiety (and other feelings) of the unknown: Creating “10% Better” Solution

We encourage you, parents and caregivers, to come with your questions and concerns, as well!



Internet Resources for Students

Internet Essentials (IE) through Comcast:

IE is offering a couple of free months when a family qualifies. After the free period it’s $10 a month. The DPS FACE Center is offering application assistance . Students can call (720)- 424-2970 for English and Spanish assistance OR Click HERE

PCs for People: Qualifying families can purchase a hot spot through PCs for People. You’ll find qualifications listed on the website. Click HERE