Principal’s Message

Hello and WELCOME Castro Parents!

What an absolute delight it is to be the Principal of Castro. Your children are kind, respectful and genuinely appreciative for all they receive at Castro. Castro is fortunate to have: a world class facility, air conditioning, a state of the art library, a technology lab with an abundance of resources, conference rooms, teacher leaders, competent faculty, beautiful grounds for children to play and participate in team activities, and a calm, relaxing, and nurturing school environment.

Our Castro Mission Statement speaks to our Dedication to Excellence. “We are Dedicated to Excellence; not for the returns we may get, but simply because we can’t imagine doing it any other way.”

I want parents to know that the academic underachievement of any student is too devastating to be tolerable! Every student can do something well. Castro faculty strives relentlessly to identify every child’s strength. Teachers recognize and honor the personal abilities of students. Castro teachers and students are empowered to set into motion student centered strategies that ensure personal success, and extra-ordinary academic achievement. We firmly believe that our teaching strategies must be aligned to a child’s learning style. We strive to intrinsically motivate student interest and involvement in academic affairs and in the life of the school. Learning experiences and achievement outcomes for ethnically and culturally diverse students must include more than cognitive performances in academic subjects and standardized test scores. The social, cultural and the personal development of students are also of utmost importance to shape well-rounded scholars who have a zest for life. I eagerly encourage parents to work collaboratively with us to provide our children with a world class education, and a promising future.

At Castro our mascot is a Cheetah and as CHEETAHS…we get there first!