CSC- Collaborative School Committee

CSC Minutes

CSC Meeting Minutes

Castro Elementary


Date: February 1, 2022    Time: 4:00-5:30

Location: Castro Library


Natividad Vasquez (Parent); Gerardo Gomez-Sanchez (Teacher); Jose Lopez (Teacher); Eve Ulloa (Family Liaison); Gilberto Muñoz (Principal)

Agenda Topic:  Staff Reductions for Next School Year Due to Falling Enrollment


We discussed two scenarios for balancing our budget and adding much needed school-wide supports, such as an additional Restorative Practice Coordinator, an additional Senior Team Lead (STL), and a Technology Teacher/SAL/STR.  

You can see the presentation here with a description of the two scenarios.

We had three decisions to make:

  1. Determine whether to follow Scenario 1 or 2 in order to balance our budget for next year;
  2. Determine which grade level should keep two teachers in ELA-E: Kindergarten, 2nd or 5th grade; and
  3. Decide whether the Senior Team Leads should support class-size relief and in which grade levels by a) pulling up to half the students in an impacted classroom during the literacy or math block; or b) divide the students into two classrooms and have two STLs share a class.

Public Comment: No one spoke up during the Public Comment Period


  1. The committee selected Scenario 2 because there is a critical need for students to have stronger technology skills, especially as we rely more and more on digital technology and almost all our assessments have moved online.  This position would be a half time technology teacher and the other half would be the primary SAL for all assessments and the STR (School Technology Representative, which helps maintain our devices).  This person would also coordinate the upkeep and maintenance of the library as we move to a teacher-directed book checkout system.
  2. For the second decision point, the CSC decided to keep two full time teachers in 5th grade.  The committee discussed the need to have smaller class sizes in Kindergarten since for some of them it is their first year in school, but ultimately felt that having the smaller class sizes and consistency in 5th grade would be more beneficial because we are preparing students for middle school, both academically and social-emotionally. 
  3. The CSC decided to place the STLs in 2nd and 3rd grades to support with class-size relief by having two STLs share a classroom in each grade. We discussed how 3rd grade is the first year that students take the CMAS tests and having smaller class sizes would help support those students be well prepared for them. Likewise, 2nd grade students have to enter 3rd grade prepared for grade-level content because it will be their first testing year, so the CSC decided to assign the other two STLs to 2nd grade.  We discussed the possibility of placing them in Kindergarten, but we felt that those students need a lot of consistency with routines and expectations because many of them are experiencing school for the first time.  Therefore, having a Kindergarten class have a different teacher for each half of their day would be a challenge for those students. 

Minutes CSC meeting 3/16/2022

Slide presentation CSC meeting 3/16/2022