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Richard T. Castro (1946-1991)

The namesake of our school is Denver native Richard T. Castro. He attended Denver area schools before entering Trinidad State Junior College. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Metro State College and his master’s degree from the University of Denver. Mr. Castro was an outspoken leader regarding the importance of education to meet the needs of our culturally diverse population.

At the time of his death, April 13, 1991, Mr. Castro was the executive director of Denver’s Agency for Human Rights and Community Relations. In 1974, Mr. Castro was elected to the first of five consecutive terms in the Colorado House of Representatives. He continued his public service on the local, state and national level particularly in the area of human rights.

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Mr. Castro once said, “Education’s role in our society cannot be minimized. Preparation of our children for the future enhances and strengthens our society. Quality education is a worthwhile investment in our children and communities. It is quite probably the most critical investment a person can make.”

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