Healthy Lunches and Snacks = Healthy Students Ready for Learning!

Posted September 20, 2022

Two students posing outside

Dear Castro Families,

In an effort to ensure your students are at their best and ready for learning we are asking families to either have their students eat a hot lunch from the school cafeteria or send a healthy home lunch that includes a main meal (such as a sandwich), a healthy drink (water or milk in a thermos) and a few healthy sides (fruit, veggies, yogurt etc).  If students do not have a complete home lunch they will be asked to get a school lunch.  This may be at the cost of the family depending on your free/reduced lunch eligibility.

We will not allow sugary drinks such as gatorade or soda.  We will also not allow cookies, candy, other sweets and chips with colored flavoring on them.  These chips get all over students’ hands and make a mess.  Regular chips, pretzels, popcorn etc. are fine.  

If your child brings a lunchable we will ask them not to drink any sugary drinks or snacks that come with it.  They will be asked to put it in their backpack and take them home to eat.

Research shows that children who eat a healthy lunch have better attention and focus at school, maintain a healthier weight and are less likely to get sick.  To read more please see this website:

We really appreciate your cooperation in making Castro a healthy place for students to grow and learn.  If you have any questions about this please reach out to your child’s teacher or the school office.

Thank you for partnering with us!

Gilberto Munoz

Principal- Castro Elementary School